What is the Card

What is it

The Veteran Card is a redesign of the DVA health cards (Gold, White and Orange), which provide access to treatment for service-related conditions or injuries that DVA has approved, and access to DVA-funded mental health treatment, if required.

There are no changes to entitlements or the services you can access with these cards.

The Veteran Card is part of the Australian Defence Veterans' Covenant.

It provides businesses the opportunity to offer benefits to veterans in recognition of their service.

Who can receive it

You are eligible for a Veteran Card if you:

  • have an existing Gold, White or Orange card as a veteran
  • are the dependant of a veteran and you have your own Gold Card
  • are a current or former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), including reservists who have at least one day of continuous full-time service (CFTS)
  • are a reservist who can gain access to free mental health care
  • are a reservist with an accepted service-related injury or condition that DVA has approved,.

What you can receive

The benefits you can get with a Veteran Card will depend on the colour of your card. Find out what health entitlements you may have with a:

Participating businesses and community organisations may give you discounts and other benefits. It is up to each business or organisation to decide what concessions and benefits they will give you.

Information about how to find participating businesses, organisations and community groups and the benefits they are offering is available at Participating businesses page.

Find additional concessions in your state or territory.

I am an existing DVA health card holder – when do I get my Veteran Card?

The new-look Veteran Card will replace existing DVA health cards as they expire. All existing cards are being replaced with the new-look Veteran Card using a phased replacement program that is currently in process.

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