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What is the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant?

The Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant was announced by the Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Darren Chester MP, on 27 October 2018.

The Covenant encourages the Australian community to acknowledge the unique nature of military service, and support veterans and their families.

Underpinning the Covenant is the Veteran Card, the Lapel Pin and the Oath. 

What is the Lapel Pin?

The Lapel Pin provides the opportunity for veterans and reservists to be easily identified when not wearing their medals or uniforms.

There are two versions of the pin – one for veterans, and one for reservists. 

The reservist pin will be provided to reservists who have only carried out reservist service.

Why is there a different Lapel Pin for veterans and reservists?

The initial proposal was to only provide a Lapel Pin to those with permanent service with the Australian Defence Force.  Following consultation, the Minister requested that a different pin be provided to reservists.

What is the Veteran Card?

The Veteran Card is a re-design of the existing DVA Health Cards (Gold, White and Orange).

There is no change to DVA services and benefits – card holders can continue to use their existing DVA Health Card to gain access to health services and benefits.

All existing DVA Health Cards will gradually be replaced with the new look Veteran Card, either when their current card expires or as part of the card replacement program, whichever occurs first. 

I am an Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer with overseas service - am I eligible for the Veterans' Covenant?

AFP officers are not eligible for the Covenant. However, an AFP officer may be eligible for disability compensation and treatment for injuries related to specific peacekeeping service covered under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA). Where a claim is accepted, a Veteran Card will be issued for the treatment of the condition.

For more information, please see the Factsheet relevant to peacekeeping service entitlements.

Why do I have to apply for the Covenant?  The Government knows us all / why doesn’t DVA just send them to all veterans?

There are a couple of reasons we’re asking you to apply.

Based on demographic projections, we estimate that there are currently 631,800 living veterans.  Of these, only 183,655 are DVA clients.  For the remaining 450,000+ veterans any information that the Department of Defence may have will be in paper records and likely to be out of date and not usable.

Secondly, we understand that not all veterans and reservists want a Lapel Pin or Oath for many reasons.  We want to avoid causing any distress so we chose to send out only to veterans and reservists who tell us they want to receive them.

How do I apply for the Covenant?

To apply for the Covenant go to DVA’s online application MyService.  MyService can be accessed on any device (personal computer, iPad, tablet, mobile phone) that you can access the internet on.

If this is the first time you’ve used MyService, you’ll need a myGov account.  Log in to your myGov account and link to DVA.

If you’re having problems with applying using MyService, call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or visit your nearest Veterans’ Access Network office.

Why do I have to apply online?

We estimate that more than 630,000 veterans and reservists are eligible to apply for the Covenant.  Due to the large numbers of potential applicants DVA has developed an online system to process applications.

If you’re having problems with applying using MyService, call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or visit your nearest Veterans’ Access Network office.

I can’t see the Request the Veterans' Covenant tile?

If you can’t see the Request the Veterans' Covenant tile you may not be eligible for the covenant or you have already applied.

If you’re having problems with applying using MyService, call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or visit your nearest Veterans’ Access Network office.

I’m an existing client. DVA already has my service history and details, why do I need to provide Proof of Service when requesting the Veterans' Covenant?

Unfortunately the majority of veteran service information is not stored in a format usable for this application process. 

However, where DVA has electronic information clearly indicating their veteran status there will be no requirement for veterans to provide proof of service.  It is estimated that more than 90 per cent of current DVA clients will not be asked to provide additional service information.

Why do I need to provide Proof of Service when I’m already with DVA?

We request information on your type of service to ensure we issue the correct Lapel Pin.  For 90 per cent of DVA clients we hold enough information to determine this automatically.  For the small number where we don’t we ask for this additional information.

What is a “PMKeyS number”?

A PMKeyS number is the personnel used by Department of Defence from the late 1990s for serving members.  If you served prior to 2000, it is unlikely that you were issued with a PMKeyS number and will need to provide your service number.

How do I provide Proof of Service when requesting the Veterans' Covenant?

When you request the Veteran Covenant, you can provide the following as Proof of Service:

  • PMKeyS number (if you don’t know what this is, see the question “What is a ‘PMKeyS number’?”)


  • Service Number (along with best estimate of Date of enlistment and Date of discharge) AND
  • In MyService will ask you to upload an image of any one of the following documents:
  • Military Payslip  or
  • Discharge Signal  or
  • Service ID Card  or
  • Any other document that identifies your continuous full-time service.

If you’re having problems with your Proof of Service, call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or visit your nearest Veterans’ Access Network office.

I don’t have access to / use the internet.  How can I request the Veterans' Covenant?

If you’re unable to go online, or need help with your application, you can call DVA on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or visit our Veterans’ Access Network.

Why is DVA asking me to provide my bank account details while applying for a Veteran Card?

When you register for a Veteran Card, we will check to see if you are eligible to receive the veteran supplement.  The veteran supplement is a fortnightly amount paid to some veterans, war widow/ers and orphans to reduce out of pocket expenses when paying the maximum concessional pharmaceutical co-payment.

If you’re eligible for the supplement, you will receive the fortnightly amount in your nominated bank account.

If you’re not comfortable providing your bank details, you can skip this step.

When will I get my Lapel Pin and Oath?

The Veterans' Recognition Bill has now passed Parliament and Lapel Pins and the Oath can now be posted.  We’re working with our distributor to get these to you as quickly as we can.

Are National Service personnel eligible?

  • National Service men and women who have served one day of continuous full-time service in the ADF will be eligible for the Veteran Card, Veteran Lapel Pin and Oath.
  • People who served under both the 1951-1959 and the 1964-1972 schemes who were required to render periods of CFTS are also eligible.



How do I sign up with APOD?

Have your Veteran Card / DVA Health Card ready

  1. Go to the APOD website
  2. Select the 'REGISTER AS A VETERAN CARD HOLDER' button
    Screen shot of APOD web site showing 'VETERAN CARD HOLDERS' button

    Select 'I have a DVA Health Card or Veteran Card' and then select the 'Join APOD' button .
    Screen shot of APOD web site showing 'JOIN' button.


  3. Enter your details. 
    Important to know:  Enter your name and DVA file number exactly as it appears on your Veteran / DVA Health Card so that it can be verified.
  4. Select 'Create your Account'.
    You can now access deals and offers.

How do I find deals?

  1. Go to the APOD website
  2. Click 'Login' and enter your details
  3. Available deal cards will display.
  • Screen shot of the list of deals available. There are boxes on the screen, each showing a deal that is available.

Browse through the deals by using the filter and categories to refine your search criteria.

To search for deals in your area: select your location at the top of the Members Benefits page. This will show all offers available in your area and online.

To search for a specific brand product or service: enter a key word e.g. Coles, tyres into the ‘Search Deals’ box at the top right of page.

How do I get/redeem the deals?

  1. When you find a deal you like, simply click on 'OPEN DEAL' at the bottom right of the deal card.  A new window will open with full details of the deal, how to redeem it and any terms and conditions (you may need to scroll down to see all the details).
    Screen shot of the APOD website showing an opened deal with details about the deal.


  2. You do not need to enter your credit card to simply view details of the deal. 
  3. If you want to get/redeem the deal, select a button under REDEEM THIS DEAL.
    Screen shot of the APOD website showing the button to redeem a deal.
    Screen shot from the APOD web site showing different types of offers such as online, in-store, digital store cards and other types of offers.

Do I need an APOD digital card?

Some deals will require you to show your digital card at the time of purchase to validate your membership.  This will be in the terms and conditions of the deal.

You can access you APOD digital card on your mobile when you are logged in to My APOD mobile application, click on the APOD logo and a menu pane will appear on the left. Select ‘Digital Card’ to display your card on your phone.

I don’t use the internet. How can I access APOD deals?

If you’re unable to go online, or need further assistance accessing the offers available on APOD, call DVA on 1800 VETERAN or visit our Veterans’ Access Network.

Deals that can only be redeemed online can only be accessed if you have access to the internet.

Can I get a discount book?

APOD is available as an online platform only.  Discount books are not available.

Need more help with APOD?

  1. Open a new browser page
  2. Go to the APOD support website
  3. Click on the Members icon
    Screen shot of the APOD website showing the 'Members' icon.

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