Australian Defence Veterans' Covenant

Veteran Card

The Veteran Card will help Australians, including businesses, organisations, community groups and service providers to identify veterans and offer respect to them and their family.

The Veteran Card is a new design of the existing DVA health cards, offering access to existing treatments and benefits as well as additional concession and benefits from businesses, organisations and community groups that encourage veterans and their families to connect with their community.

Veteran Card types

What is the card?

The Veteran Card provides a way to recognise and connect with veterans and acknowledge their service to the nation. The new-look card is a redesign of the existing DVA health cards (Gold, White and Orange). There are no changes to DVA services or entitlements.

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How to apply

Veterans and Reservists can now apply for the Covenant, including the Veteran Card, Lapel Pin and Oath, online using MyService.

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Using the card

The Veteran Card provides access to treatment for service-related conditions or injuries that DVA has approved, and access to DVA-funded mental health treatment, if required, but can also be used at a range of businesses.

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Card benefits

Businesses around Australia are offering benefits to veterans in recognition of their service to their country. Veteran Card holders can gain access to more than 3,000 offers in-store and online.

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Participating businesses

Over 2,000 businesses and organisations are supporting the Veteran Card initiative. Find out more about how DVA is working with Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) to enable Veteran Card holders to gain access to deals on the APOD benefits platform.

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Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant

The Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant serves to recognise and acknowledge the unique nature of military service and the contribution of veterans and their families. The Covenant is supported the Veteran Card, Lapel Pin and Oath. 

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For business and community organisations

How to show your support

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For DVA service providers

What you need to know